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White Box Alcohol StovesTM was started in March of 2006 by Bill Ballowe. The name, White Box Alcohol StoveTM, was derived from the small white boxes that the stoves are mailed in. White Box Alcohol StovesTM may not be a household name yet but in the world of lightweight backpacking it is getting to be a recognized brand name and is one of the best built and most reliable lightweight stoves made today.

As an aging backpacker I wanted to find ways to lighten my pack weight without spending a fortune on expensive lightweight gear. Doing a lot of research online I started White Box Stoves TM by making typical pop can stoves but with a little twist. Instead of using regular pop cans I used the larger sized 24 oz wide body cans. They held more fuel and were able to boil enough water for several backpackers.

Wanting to make a design different than other stoves maker I searched for almost a year before I found the aluminum bottle (bottle can) we now use. After several dozen attempts later I settled on the three rivet design which has since been nicknamed the "Frankenstove" in jest by Tinny of Mini Bull Design. This design drew a lot of rave reviews and acclaim from users worldwide. I started marketing this version in August of 2006.

To keep a long story short a suggestion and a homemade video that was offered to me from Tinny at MiniBull Design was responsible for the present-day top edge of the stove. Shedding the rivets we now use what I call a "Cope RollTM" to seal the top edge. The roll helps seal the inner wall to the outer wall and at the same time gives the top edge a lot more strength. The rest is history.

With sales volume of over 17,000 stoves as of January 2016 this business has surpassed my wildest dreams. Thanks to all of the people who have purchased a stove and thanks to the dozens of customers who have taken the time to write a letter of praise telling how much they have enjoyed the stove. Also thanks to all my dealers around the world.

These stoves are made from recycled or repurposed bottles and will have small dents, dings or scratches on them. These dents, dings and scratches do not affect the performance of the stove.

Bill Ballowe, Owner

White Box Alcohol StovesTM

3901 9th Ave So

Great Falls, MT 59405

Phone: 406.788.7376